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Firm Profile

We specialize in searching and finding the debtor’s assets, and have access to numerous private investigation firms to assist us in conducting asset and liability investigations throughout the United States, and, internationally.

Our clients are never charged for outside bills incurred as a result of us hiring private investigators.  S Jacob & Wolf, LP works on a contingency fee basis only.  We charge our clients our contingency fee only after we collect on the past due debt.  Customized account status reports are available to our clients monthly, or, as needed, upon request of our clients to meet their individual needs.  Any specialized accounting that is needed to be done is just a phone call away.

We will also consider upon request from our clients that the money collected be sent directly to the clients’ office.  S Jacob & Wolf, LP will simply submit an invoice to our clients’ office on a net 15 days term for balance due to be paid to S Jacob & Wolf, LP for our collection fee.  Some of our clients use this method not only to get the account off the books faster, but to help retain future client to customer business relations.

All of us at S Jacob & Wolf, LP appreciate you as a client and look forward to a prosperous business relationship.


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